Foundation & Core

Membership & Baptism

At CrossWay we believe the Bible reflects the expectation that everyone who identifies with Christ through faith will also identify with him in baptism, as well as identify with his people by joining a church. For those seeking to be baptized and join our church, we offer occasional classes on these things to help us appreciate their meaning and importance.

Small Groups

Every year from September to May we host various small groups throughout the city. The goal of these small groups is to provide a close-knit place for us grow, learn, and receive encouragement. These small groups include time for fellowship, prayer, and learning from God’s word. Our desire is that every member of our church would participate in one of these groups.


Training Seminars

Our growth as Christians entails and in part hinges on our growth in Biblical understanding. As such, CrossWay Community Church values and promotes education in the core tenets and practices of the Christian faith. Towards this end, we hosts a series of seminars (or classes) that address subjects such as the gospel, doctrine, spiritual disciplines, how to read the Bible, and evangelism (more information here).

Equipping & Training

Around the Word

Around the Word is a biannual workshop co-hosted by CrossWay and Epikos Church. Around the Word exists to equip God’s people to better read and handle God’s Word. At these workshops, we both hear from instructors on principles for better Bible study, and then break out into small groups to put these interpretive skills into practice.


Text Group

Text Group is a weekly gathering of individuals seeking to grow in their ability to read scripture. Each week someone prepares a worksheet on a different passage of scripture; and together we strive to progress in our ability to handle God’s Word.

proclamation Group

Scripture commands us not only to teach God’s Word, but to equip others to do so as well. It is for this purpose that Proclamation Group exists. Once a month, various members from our church gather together to practice preaching and teaching God’s Word, and to improve our skill in communicating it to others.

Church Theology (Podcast)

Church Theology is a podcast “on the church, for the church.” Join Kirk E. Miller and co-hosts as they dive into an array of topics, all the while asking, “How does this equip us for our mission as a church and as followers of Jesus?”

Reading Collaborative

CrossWay’s Reading Collaborative is a group that meets regularly to grow in their Christian understanding and character through a collective reading and discussion of edifying, robust Christian literature.

Regular Rhythms

Prayer & Care

As those completely dependent on God, we must be devoted to prayer. To encourage this, we have a Prayer Network that prays for and seeks to meet the needs of those in our community. In addition, every other month we also host a special in-home prayer gathering.



Our desire is to reach the lost with the saving news of Jesus Christ. Towards this end, we regularly host and participate in various outreach initiatives and events aimed at sharing the gospel and building bridges for the sake of evangelism.

Men, Women, & Children

Men’s Ministry

The men at CrossWay periodically get together to spend time with one another and hear from God’s Word. Men’s Ministry exists to foster friendships, and offer a place for accountability and encouragement.

Women’s Ministry

The CrossWay Women’s Ministry regularly hosts events which serve to provide a place for fellowship, friendship, and outreach among women. Our women read scripture together, serve each other, and build friendships with one another.

Children’s Ministry

Scripture tells us to teach the commands and deeds of God to the next generation, and to raise them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

On Sunday mornings our children, ages 3-years-old up to 5th grade, attend classes where they memorize a monthly Bible verse and receive Biblical lessons centered on Christ. Our children’s ministry uses the well-respected Gospel Story Curriculum.